Sticker Haul & Envelope Making | Melissa Fung

I have never ever thought that it would be so difficult to find cute bee stickers! After looking up on Google, Instagram and ETSY, I finally found Melissa Fung on ETSY! It was love at first sight when I saw her adorable bee art and I am glad that everything was perfect, from the price to the shipping and her service! I was lucky that I could automatically profit from a Boxing Day discount back in December and in the meanwhile I already ordered her newest Valentine bees – gosh they are all so cute!!! She has still a Sale ongoing until Valentine’s Day, so make sure to check out her shop. I really appreciate the ‘Freebee’ sticker sheets and some more stickers as an extra. Keep up your good work, I can’t wait to buy more from you, hehe!

Price per sticker: approx. 2-3 CHF for a sticker/sticker sheet
Shipping: 2.20 CHF
Shipping time was around 7~10 days (from Canada to Switzerland)

*For more penpal ideas, please check out my penpalling page.

Support Melissa on ETSY ^_^Can’t wait to use them on Halloween/Christmas! Ghost bees! Thank you so much for the extra stickers! Finished envelopes: some details on the order: my second order – Valentine bees!


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