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New Year – Same Habits! Hope you guys are doing well. Today I am going to show you my sticker order from Meli ( I found her page and account via Instagram and immediately fall in love with her plush-styled Pokémon stickers! I almost bought the Animal Corssing ones, they are adorable too! Maybe next time, hehe. Meli sells beside of the stickers also enamel pins and cards/prints. Everything arrived safely in approx. 4 weeks (it probably got delayed because of Christmas and COVID-19). I have to mention here, that Meli has the most beautiful name card that I have ever seen in my life! That gold embossed card is so so pretty!

Price per sticker: 2 CHF
($ 2.00)
Shipping: 2 CHF ($ 2.00)
Shipping time was around 1 month (from the US to Switzerland)

*For more penpal ideas, please check out my penpalling page.

Look at this name card!
so sparkly~That’s my order! Pokeplush Galar Box Sticker! Pikachu is love!And this is the outcome :)


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