50 Fun Penpal Ideas and (flat) things to put in your Letter

Here are 50 fun penpal ideas and things that you put in your letter. Get inspired with this ultimate list of cheap and flat gifts for your penpal and enjoy mailing even more! Nothing can beat the feeling of receiving a cute personalized letter that someone put effort and time into, right? I hope this letter guide will give you some inspiring ideas for your next letter to your penfriend!

1) Homemade Envelopes
2) Main Letter (DIY)
Mail Tag:
3) “About me” / Introduction
4) Questions / “This or That”
5) Playlist
6) Photos
7) Tea
8) Post-its or note papers
9) Washi tape samples
10) Cute stickers
11) Postcards
12) Crafting material
13) Stamps
14) Cosmetic samples / Face masks
15) Bath salt
16) Candy
17) Band aids
18) Air freshener
19) Key Chains / Pins
20) Bookmarks
21) Erasers
22) Magnet / Buttons
23) Balloons
24) Playing cards (Trump Cards, Pokémon, Yugioh)
25) Magazine articles
26) Favourite recipes
27) Luggage tag
28) Doodles / Drawings
29) Inspirational Quotes or Poems
30) Mini Posters
31) Colouring book page
32) Lace, ribbons, yarn samples
33) Calendars
34) Cupcake holders
35) Funny paperclips
36) tickets from public transportation, concerts etc.
37) Maps
38) Envelopes
39) Little bag of confetti
40) Dried flower or plants
41) Seed packets (inland only)
42) Nail Stickers
43) Chewing gums
44) Collages
45) Quiz, Crossword, Sudoku Puzzle, Tic Tac Toe
46) Funny comic strip
47) Pair of socks
48) (Hair) accessories
49) Jewellery
50) Pen / Pencil

Homemade Envelopes
If you don’t have any cute letter paper with envelope,
just make your own envelopes!
For DIY ideas, just check out my blog post hereMain Letter
There are many cute letters that you can buy at stationary shops
(especially in Japan!!). If you don’t find any letter paper,
just use a plain paper and decorate it easily
with cute stickers or washi tapeMail Tag
There are many different ‘Mail Tags’
that you can add to your letter.
In my first letters to a penpal, I like to send a little
intro about myself with name, nationality, home country,
age, hobbies and my likes/addictions Another mail tag are questions or creative ideas.
You can ask for favourites/top 3 or simple ‘this or that’ questionsPlaylist (or Recommendations)
List up your favourite or current playlist!
You can do the same with books, movies or tv seriesPhotos
Share (polaroid) pictures from your pet,
your holidays or about yourself
My favourite gift is tea! It is light, flat and you can
surprise your penpal with many different flavours!
In Switzerland there is usually no translation in English,
so I love to write the description on a washi tapePost-its, Note Papers, Memo Pads
If you have cute memo pads or notes, send some samples
to your penfriend!Washi Tape Samples
If you are addicted to masking tapes (just like me),
why not sending some to your friends?
I love to use playing cards (that can be trump or Pokémon cards),
but large wooden craft sticks works fine too!Cute Stickers
Surprise your penpal with some cute stickers!You can craft a simple bag with notes and masking tape
or use a cute Ziploc bagPostcards
Some people love to swap blank postcards :)
You can also send some from your holidays for exampleCarfting Materials
Ribbons, buttons, glitter confetti and more!Stamps
If you know that your penfriend is collecting stamps,
why not sending some? Beauty Samples
The perfect idea especially for girls: cosmetic samples!
Facial masks, point pads, creams, perfume samples…Bath Salt
Does you penpal loves to take a bath?
So this is definitely the perfect gift for her/him!Candy
A sweet surprise for your penfriendSweet band aids
Send band aids with cute characters as a surpriseAir Freshener
This is not only for car drivers,
you can use air freshener everywhere!Key Chains or Pins
Does your penpal loves a specific character?
Then send them some cute key chains or pins!Bookmarks
The perfect gift, if your penpal love books!
It can be handmade or purchased.Just leave a comment below,
if you have any more ideas to add! :)


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