Community Sticker Shop MORII & Envelope Making

Do you want to support artists and are you looking for super awesome and cheap stickers? Then check out the Community Sticker Shop called MORII! I don’t even know anymore, how I discovered this shop, but I am glad I did! I personally find it very difficult to find stickers or stationary at a reasonable price without paying a crazy shipping fee, that’s what I was struggling at other private shops or even ETSY. According to my personal experience so far, the shipping costs had the same price as the total amount of stationary. At MORII, you can buy stickers from all kind of artists and each sticker is only 2 USD. The shipping fee is also very very fair! I didn’t have to pay any since my order was over $20, but even if you have to, it’s only 2 USD. The payment method was a bit complicated, because they only offered manual payment via Paypal, which means I had to pay a Paypal fee of ~3.80$ extra, but I think in the meanwhile you can pay by credit or debit card.

The stickers arrived quite fast (I got them within approx. 2 weeks) and it also came with some free MORII logo stickers. The stickers are not as strong/thick as the common skateboard stickers, it’s more light, but the colors are very vivid and intense. The material was perfect for my envelope crafting and I also tested if they are waterproof, which is quite an important criteria for me. The colour luckily remained intact without smearing and you could only see a light stain where I was rubbing a cotton buds soaked in water. I am very impressed of the stickers and I am definitely going to buy more hopefully soon. MORII shop is continuously adding new artists, so don’t forget to check out their page from time to time. I am sure there is something for everyone!

Price per sticker: approx. 2 USD
Shipping: 2 USD (free on $20 orders – use code “SHIP20”)
Shipping time was around 16 days (from USA to Switzerland)
Get a free MORII sticker with the code “FREESTICKER”
Official Website:


They had manual payment method, where I had to pay
the Paypal fee, but in the meanwhile, it should be
possible to pay by credit or debit card Here it is!
My order from MORIII got two MORII logo stickers for free!
Thank youuuu!They are all so pretty! Why are you guys so talented?! T_TI want moooore, haha! Here is the waterproof test:
(you can see it better in my video) I wanted to use the stickers for my envelope crafting and they were just perfect! Hope you like it!


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