Winter in Japan: Akihabara & Maid Cafe

Okaerinasaimase Ojousama! Okaerinasaimase Goshujinsama! Welcome to Akihabara – the center of Japan’s Otaku culture! If you are looking for Anima, Mangas or electronic stuff, you’re at the right place here. For me it is a MUST visit not only because I love Maid Cafés so much, it is rather because of the little Mokeke corner that I found in the UCHUSEN shop at Radio Kaikan, a commercial building just next to Akihabara main station. It is my favourite Mokeke shop in Japan and I always find something new each year. My very favourite Maid Café is the @Home Cafe, which became very pretty compared to the last few years. There are many other ordinary maid cafés or special themed ones, for example vampire or pirate, but nothing can beat the @Home Cafe. The Maidreamin is also quite a famous maid cafe, but if you don’t want to destroy your first impression on Maid Cafés, please visit my favourite one – or the other way around, please give the maid cafe one more chance by visiting the @Home Cafe, in case you got a trauma from another maid cafe, lol. I promise you, it’s different. I went once to a Maidreamin Maid Cafe in Akihabara, which was more a bar than a cafe (with many old creepy men) and one in Osaka, which was super empty and boring. And if you still don’t feel comfortable, go and visit the SEGA Game Centers (≧∇≦*)!!!

Welcome to the Electric Town! Have some fun at SEGA My favourite Maid Cafe is just on the left after the SEGA building It became so beautiful!
They were renovating everything some years agoLv. 1 for my Sister What should we order today?Curry~ Level-Up!!!
I became a Familiar Master! Always ask the maid to take a picture!
Taking photos in the cafe is forbidden (expect the food)Furi furi – shaka shaka!
My polaroid picture with Sumire-chan!Back to shoppingYou can find a lot of figure shops in AkihabaraSAO MerchandiseUCHUSEN – here you can buy Mokeke!It is located in the Radio Kaikan next to Akiba stationYou’re all mine – muhahaha!!!Last but not least – let’s have fun at SEGA Akihabara at night


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