Winter in Japan: Harajuku


When you are in Tokyo, one of the probably most famous shopping street is the Takeshita Dori in Harajuku. Here you will meet fancy fashion, kawaii themed restaurant and cafés and people from all over the world. So how is Harajuku in winter? Cold, colder and fancy as always, haha! It is one of my favourite place not only for shopping!

First of all, I think I love this part of Tokyo so much because of the Kawaii Monster Cafe and my precious hair salon (prize Harajuku). Did you know that I only cut my hair once a year and that’s when I am in Japan. Unfortunately, I am super unhappy with the hairdressers in Switzerland… my hair is probably too Asian for them. The staff in Harajuku are great and they always manage to cut my hair the way I love. Anyhow, beside the beauty care, I also like the big variety of restaurants and cafés. My favourite Italian restaurant is called Yudeage Pasta & Yakiage Pizza La Pausa! The Rainbow Pancake is nice for having breakfast. The LAFORET fashion mall is as great as the 109 in Shibuya. There is also one floor full of different Lolita clothing brands like Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, Atelier-Pierrot, Alice and the Pirates and many more. If you need a break from shopping, just visit an animal cafe. There are cat, dog (shiba inu), owl and hedgehog cafés around the area. Travelling to Harajuku is convenient from anywhere in Tokyo and it is a place you should visit at least once!

Takeshita Street at night I passed through many times but never tried a crêpe here…
Shame on me! There is always something new to discover WEGO Aimer Feel Store My Ducks I love these fancy shirts
and it’s not that expensiveShould we try it on? The World Connection
They have a lot of character stuff from Pokémon to Adventure Time & more Stickers There is a PomPomPurin Café at Takeshita Street We had dinner at Yudeage Pasta & Yakiage Pizza La Pausa
It’s sooooooo gooooooood!Crab spaghetti Last but not least, Laforet department store
It’s as famous as the 109 in ShibuyaMy favourite shop: Axes FemmeBack at the hotel
What a day!


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