Maid Cafe | Maidreamin Akihabara

Looking for “moe moe kyun” moments in Japan? Would you like to be served by a cute maid girl or just want to eat kitschy food? If you are in Akihabara, watch out for the maid cafes. The cafe is a bit different to the other themed cafes, but still a visit worth it. It is not only for lonely single men like most of the people always think. You can see couples, foreigners or (female) groups visiting the cafes. The costumes varies from cafe to cafe and I really enjoy their kawaii food. I visit a maid cafe at least once during my stay in Japan. Normally, I have a look at my favorite @Home Cafe @ほぉ~むカフェ, but it was already near closing time, so we had to look for another one. A lovely maid (you can see a lot standing outside, doing advertisement for their cafes) recommended and escorted us to the cafe called Maidreamin めいどりーみん. It was more like a bar than a cafe, but it made still fun and the ice cream parfait was super cute too. I definitely need to visit more different cafes than only hanging at the @Home Cafe, but it is easier said than done, since I have a member card (I ranked up on my last trip haha, bye bye bronze card, hello silver card!).

PS. If you are in a maid cafe, you must be aware of some rules:

– don’t touch the maids!
– don’t take pictures of the maids!
– don’t ask their contact information!

If you would like to take pictures of the food or yourself, you must tell the maids and they will take the picture for you. Do not forget to choose a set, where you can take a polaroid picture with a maid of your choice. It will be a great souvenir and memory of your (first) visit at a maid cafe.


Maidreamin (めいどりーみん)| Akihabara the secret base Store (秋葉原 ひみつきち) 3F
Zeniya BLDG.3F 1-8-4 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021 Japan
+81 03-6206-9983


Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:11:30 – 23:00
Saturday: 10:30 – 23:00
Sunday: 10:30 – 22:00

¥500 + 1 order/hour

Welcome to Akihabara Paradise of Anime and Games Maidreamin But first, let’s spend some time at the SEGA game center :)

Gudetama~ Miku-chan Mew! and at the Maidreamin I tried the animal parfait Isn’t it cute?! Say cheese! moe moe~ and to show you how Akihabara looks on day time: Mario Kart for real!!And I seriously went to the @Home Cafe… Moe Matcha Latte ^^


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