Highlights of 2018

“Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive”
Matt Cameron

Hello Lovelies!

I still can’t believe that 365 days are over again and a new chapter will start in a few days. To a New Year full of new possibilities – yay – ok, I am sure that I will just do the same old stuff as always haha. Anyway, let’s look back to my 2018! Travels – check, Lolita meet-ups – check, Conventions – check, having great adventures with my friends – check, getting old – check. I told you, it’s the same old stuff as always! I couldn’t post about all of my happenings of this year, but I wanted to share my highlights with you guys. Some will follow as a separate blog post later, some will stay just in my memory. I hope you all had a wonderful and exciting year and you are ready to rock the new year.

Have an amazing 2019 and thank you for everything guys! You make my years special for me. I love ya ♡!

2018 in a nutshell…

Another shooting with Saruda Hard Photography
and her friend NapatZURICH ZOO
Visiting the Zoo in ZurichTONI’S ZOO
We used to go here when we were kids!
The visit brought back childhood memoriesAQUATIS LAUSANNE
The biggest aquarium in Switzerland. It was fun! EUROPAPARK RUST
Our annual trip to the amusement park in GermanyLONDON
Weekend trip in London, one of my favourite city!PUNTA CANA
Enjoying the sunny side with my wife :) BERLIN
Sausage, potatoes and beer! What else?! COLOGNE AND DÜSSELDORF
Hello again, Germany! Having a great time with honey. JAPAN
Back at my second home ♡FANTASY BASEL
This event is a must! I am working here for almost 10 years! DOKOMI
My very first convention in Germany! KYARY PAMYU PAMYU CONCERT
Kyary’s Spooky Obekayashiki Tour.
Was super happy to meet her again! ART ON ICE
Best show ever! And this was my 3rd time!ENERGY AIR
I won again tickets :D! The concert was awesome! TOMORROWLAND
F***ing great event, it was bombastic! LOLITA MEETUPS
Having a lovely time with the dolls MY UNICORN BIRTHDAY PARTY
Never too old for unicorn :)HAPPY WEDDING
A good friend got married! All the best and love for the future! THANKFUL FOR EVERY MOMENT
Last but not least, my life wouldn’t be the same without you guys!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful year ♡


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