Christmas 2018

Hello my lovely snowflakes

How is your Christmas season so far? I feel like doing nothing else than eating, lol! How about you? Here comes a little Christmassy post (mainly with food). We did our annual Christmas cookie baking at my home, which means that each person makes and brings a self-made dough and we baked them together. On Christmas Eve I always spend time with my Mum and my Sister (this year it was even with my BF). I made my ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ as every year – ok, it was only a Shortcake with raspberries and blueberries, because I couldn’t find any strawberries, buhuu. Anyway, this year, I pimped it up with some Pokémon figures. Hope you like it! I just remembered, that I still wanted to post my Strawberry Shortcake recipe on my blog. Arg, will try to do a step-by-step instruction next year!

Back to the holidays – on Christmas Day we celebrate Christmas at my granny’s home. Somehow, almost everyone could manage to come to the family meeting, since Christmas and Easter is the only occasion, where I can meet my relatives and cousins (from my Dad’s side). We couldn’t see each other last year, so it was nice to see thenm all after such a long time. Hope you guys had (or still having) a splendid Christmas! Merry Christmas with lots of love ♡

Little wild cat.
We had snow on that day we did our xmas cookies!Let it snow~Tadaaa, a magical box filled with yummy cookies!Celebrating Xmas with Miku
Got them last year from Japan Hana was staring at us like crazy.
She wanted some food too lolGiving up on it… This year’s shortcake! Pokémon Shortcake Yum! I love cats, as you can see :)) Merry Christmas my Sweethearts!


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