MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask – bye bye to Sleepless Nights

Hello Sweethearts,

Japan has a lot of innovative and amazing beauty products – one of my favourite is the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask! I am working very long lately and my eyes get really tired if I stare for a long period at the computer, my smartphone or tablet. Before I go to bed, I treat them with a healthful steam bath. MegRhythm is super relaxing, it becomes comfortably warm after you take it out of the package and it also smells heavenly! You can have it in different scents – if you like it floral, you can choose from lavender, camomile, rose or a European garden bouquet. Recently, they got Yuzu scent, which became my absolute favourite! I got it on my last trip in Japan, it’s awesome! If you don’t like any of these fragrances, you can buy a unscented version. If you want to upgrade your relaxing bedtime ritual, you can add a good-night steam patch. I mostly use it before I go to bed, but I also like to use MegRhythm for a short break or nap or also on the plane rides, while I am travelling. If you have sleep problems, I highly recommend you to try it out! I fall asleep in just a few minutes after I put the eye mask on. Say bye bye to sleepless nights! :)

You can buy different scents!
My favourite is Yuzu and CamomileMegRhythm Good Night Steam Patch This feels sooooo good! MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask No more sleepless nights!


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