City Trip in Düsseldorf & Cologne

The convention days goes on. So right after the Fantasy Basel event, I took some days off so that I could go to the Dokomi in Düsseldorf. It was my first convention in Germany and I already heard a lot about this event, but I have never been there so far. This year was my first time! My darling joined me and I could book a nice offer with flight and stay at the Nikko Hotel, which was excellent, not only because of the hotel itself, but also because it lays right in the middle of my favourite part of Düsseldorf – in “Japan Town” (Immermannstrasse). Compared to other European countries, you will find the most percentage of Japanese people living in Düsseldorf. If you visit the restaurants, more than half of the people are Japanese! Before we spend our day at Dokomi (stay tuned for the next post), we had some days free to go shopping, we also did a bit of sightseeing at the famous touristic spots and in the afternoon we hang out at the pool of the Nikko Hotel – the view was lovely up here.

After the Dokomi event (on Sunday) we were supposed to fly back home, but Kyary Pamyu Pamyu started her World Tour and I realised that she was doing a concert in Cologne (which is not far away from Düsseldorf) exactly two days after the day we actually wanted to go home. She skipped her World Tour in 2017 (which I can understand because of the terror attacks in Europe) and I didn’t want to wait another year until she comes back. Luckily, I could take some more days off so that I could book an additional hotel for our stay in Cologne and a train ticket back to Switzerland. The concert was awesome – I will post about it soon.

Having breakfast at Zurich AirportWe booked or flight at Swiss Airlines We didn’t know which ticket, so we bought a
one-day-ticket for 9 eurosOur hotel! Bathroom

There are a lot of Japanese shops and restaurants
at the Immermannstrasse Lunch at Izakaya (Kushi-Tei of Tokyo)

We had a walk in the city At the Königsallee!
Here you will find a lot of high-end stores Checking out LEVI’SVisiting Saturn (electronic store), it was so big!Anime goods! Along the Rhine river The Rhine Tower The famous buildings in Düsseldorf:
Neuer Zollhof (New Zollhof)
Dinner at Restaurant Seoul

The spa and pool section of the Nikko Hotel Look at this pool! The last lunch in Düsseldorf, before heading to Cologne
The salad was sooo good! (Restaurant What’s Pizza)

Our stay in Cologne – Hotel Cristall (ex Boutique 009) This was so cute! Found gummy bears on our pillows!

Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) Sculptre Park Cologne Lunch at Dean & David’s Childhood memories! We found a Zalando Outlet

Delicous burgers at Burgerlich

The perfect street to go shopping: Schildergasse There was a comic store near our hotel

The store is called ‘PIN-UP Comics & Mehr’ Time to go home…


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