Summer Party | Europapark 2018

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

I am back from my awesome holidays (Japan yes!) and I finally feel ready to blog again. I suffered from very strong neck pain and headaches lately, but I feel better now. It was really bad, I could do nothing else than go to work, eat and sleep. Anyway, I hope it won’t come back anymore.

So I randomly start with the annual day trip to the Europapark in Rust, Germany. We go every year with a bunch of friends. You can trace back the whole trips on my blog – my loyal followers do probably know that it became a tradition for us. We went right before my holidays, on a Friday, the 7 September 2018. When you are lucky, you only need to stand in lines for about 10-15 minutes for a ride. This day although, felt like a normal weekend. I don’t know if there was a public or school holidays in Germany, but we had to wait quite long and we saw a lot of young people in the park. We couldn’t do a lot of rides than usual, but it was a sunny day and we had a blast hanging out together.

New video is up :)

We always get our tickets at the motorway service in PrattelnLet’s go If you want to experience the new Voletarium,
I recommend you to get a time ticket!It is right on the left before you enter the ride The new attractions of 2018 Unfortunately, it was still closed The dinosaur attraction was open though It became so cheerful! Last year they look horibble lol Happy Birthday T-Rex! 43 Years Europapark Euro-Mir The Food Loop restaurants opens at 11:00 a.m.
Be sure you get there early enough! My gang (some were missing) I ordered a burger Cotton Candy ice cream! You need to try it!
It tastes like heaven Did you know… …that they have Grape Fanta?! My favourite show – the Ice Show! This year’s topic was Paddington They have Paddington merchandise now Mirror selfie.. ehh, wait, where am I? Sad story, may you heard about the part
that burnt down this year… there is nothing leftEverything was closed. Goodbye Holland. Waiting in line for the Wodan – Timburcoaster Big Pokémon plushies!! Thank you everyone ^_^

2 responses to “Summer Party | Europapark 2018

  1. The cotton candy ice cream looks so good…
    It’s sad to know that one part of the park got destroyed by fire, I hope they can re-build it again soon.
    Grape Fanta? I’ve never tried it. Here we also have Fanta with flavours other than orange, but most of them are special edition and not available everywhere. The only one I’ve been able to try is the Strawberry Fanta, and it’s delicious. Sometimes I’ve also found some Coca-Cola cherry cans, as I know, imported from the USA. That makes them a bit more expensive, but they’re definitely worth it.
    Ohhh, I wish I could comment more about your post, but can’t stop thinking about that ice cream… hehehe

    • Thanks love, for the long comment! Haha yes, I am still dreaming of that ice cream haha. I love Grape Fanta! It is the main beverage that I buy and drink in Japan. It is soo good. Strawberry Fanta is good too, unfortunately you can’t find it here in Switzerland. Cherry Coke is – or was – famous here. At the moment the Vanilla flavour is back on the market :)

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