Dokomi 2018

Sunday, 20 May 2018 – time for another convention! Similar to Fantasy Basel, the Dokomi event was on three days (Friday to Sunday). We decided to go one day. It was my first time and I was super excited to see another convention “outside” my home country. The way to the event was quite simple, we took the train from Japan Town and could go directly to the exhibition hall (Düsseldorf Messe). From the station we walked around ten minutes before the long queue started. The first hall was full of stands, where you could buy a big variety of merchandise (Pokémon cards, manga, games, food, stationary, clothes etc.). They even had a little Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Liz Lisa corner, which was really cool to see. The hall on the left was a little empty, but it had some game stations and a maid café there. Outside you could take a break and buy food like Okonomiyaki, Japanese Crepes or other delicious specialities. Another hall was equipped with a stage, where they held shows or other presentations. And the last hall was full of artists and creative minds. I never saw soooo many artists on a convention like at Dokomi. A little part was reserved for a dozen of cars, but the rest was full of drawings and beautiful artworks. It was really impressive to see it and we only could make it to the half. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see everything. I don’t buy much on conventions expect of food, but at the artist hall I discovered a super cute mug cup with a unicorn and kitty print. I just couldn’t resist. The day was great and I can imagine to go next year again.

What shall we do at first? The map Merchandise Photobooth Unicorns!! Nya ^.^ Awwww Pikachu! More plushies! Games Masks Pokémon Make-up by Tony Moly Outside Food corner I had Okonomiyaki Artist hall Like this one somehow lol Artist Hirnfresser Miku Car Little break My favourite Lemon Tea! You could also buy Lolita dresses from
BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT or Alice and the Pirates Liz Lisa corner Japanese Candy I got this cup by the way! I met taniadeandrade ♡ And our haul!


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