Fantasy Basel – the Swiss Comic Con | 2018

May is probably one of the busiest month for me because of the “convention season”. The first event started with the Fantasy Basel (11 to 13 May 2018). As every year, I went with my usual FaBa gang for one day (we went on Saturday). I decided to wear my Gothic Lolita dress. My sister made her first Cosplay (Perona from One Piece) and I have to say it turned out very well. The event was good as always. You could find a lot of stands with merchandise, figures and mangas. I met some of my (convention) friends, had a look through all halls and just had a funny time with my colleagues.

My outfit Gothic Lolita
The ears are from Little LycanThe whole outfitOn our way to BaselMy sister did her first cosplay!
Everything is selfmade!Perona from One Piece My gang no comment Fright Guys! Love those guys! Artist Claudia Rindler Having a little break Food corner Totoro, so cute! Plushies Just amazing Who would you choose? The sexy Michi ♡ Crowdfunding project; Darwin’s Choice (board game) nanananan Lovely stickers by MinakingsartGot this Pokéball amigurumi!
I love it so much, thank you Mina!!!Harley ♡Group photo Meet the Transformers Thx to Uta Grütter Photography for this nice shot!


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