Little Lycan | Handcrafted Animal Ears


Hello puppies!

Are you looking for some really cool animal ears? Then go and check out Little Lycan! It is so hard to find realistic-looking ears – it took me years to find the perfect one!! The head accessories are very quickly sold out, so I recommend you to have a look at their preannouncements on Instagram. All items will appear on their main site at 9pm eastern time (yep, I had to wake up at 3am in the morning – but it was worth it). I ordered the wolf puppy in black and grey for $ 30.00. The shipping costs were $ 13.75. My ears arrived after approximately 7 days. Absolutely happy and satisfied with the service. Thank you so much to Little Lycan for the lovely ears, I love then so much! ♡

littlelycan_20They also sell sets (ears + tail)!littlelycan_19littlelycan_18 littlelycan_13Frontlittlelycan_17Back littlelycan_14 littlelycan_15 littlelycan_16 littlelycan_9Meow or wuff ^_^?   littlelycan_12The perfect addition for my maid outfit for Akinomatsuri :)

↓↓↓ Check out the official page ↓↓↓littlelycan


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