Lolita Winter Meeting – Kandersteg 2016


Hello Lovelies

One year has already passed, since I have been at the Lolita meetup in Kandersteg! Times goes by sooo quickly. I had an awesome time in January 2015 so I absolutely wanted to join the meeting again. During the last week of January, you can explore a special “Belle Epoque” week in Kandersteg. It was very nice to see the pretty dolls from last year and there were also some new faces. So the first thing we did was of course: a photo shooting in the wonderful winter scenery of Kandersteg! The weather was heavenly on this day, it was almost a bit too warm for the season. After the photo session we walked through the village and went to the Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria to have a look at a painting exhibition of Ernest und Jean Playfair Agard Evans. In the afternoon we spend a lovely time at the Waldhotel Doldenhorn, where we could enjoy a hot cup of tea and a plate of savoury and sweet treats.

Overall, it was an amazing day and I felt great to be among a group of Lolitas – it makes so much fun with the dolls, thank you so much for the great time I had with you guys! I hope to be able to attend another meetup soon!!

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Fake lashes – check ✓LolitaKandersteg16_60Outfit of the day: LolitaKandersteg16_59Make up of the day:LolitaKandersteg16_58close-upLolitaKandersteg16_57In Kandersteg LolitaKandersteg16_56 LolitaKandersteg16_55They look awesome, right?! LolitaKandersteg16_54Looking for a place to take some photos LolitaKandersteg16_53 LolitaKandersteg16_52so pretty, isn’t she? LolitaKandersteg16_51 LolitaKandersteg16_50awww ♡LolitaKandersteg16_49♡_♡LolitaKandersteg16_48 LolitaKandersteg16_47LolitaKandersteg16_46 LolitaKandersteg16_45having fun together =) LolitaKandersteg16_44 LolitaKandersteg16_43 LolitaKandersteg16_42 LolitaKandersteg16_41 LolitaKandersteg16_40sooo pretty~ LolitaKandersteg16_39 LolitaKandersteg16_38 LolitaKandersteg16_37and some pictures of meLolitaKandersteg16_28thank you @freezelighter for these amazing pictures!LolitaKandersteg16_27Off to the Waldhotel Doldenhorn LolitaKandersteg16_36LolitaKandersteg16_34LolitaKandersteg16_35
  LolitaKandersteg16_33 LolitaKandersteg16_32 LolitaKandersteg16_30Mhmmmm~ LolitaKandersteg16_29the savory partLolitaKandersteg16_26and the sweet part LolitaKandersteg16_25Thank you everyone for the great time!!
photo by LeaLolitaKandersteg16_24

2 responses to “Lolita Winter Meeting – Kandersteg 2016

  1. Oh wie süss! :) Ihr seht alle bezaubernd aus! Habe mir überlegt im Lolita Outfit an die JAN zu gehen, aber habe mich noch nicht entschieden. Vielleicht kannst du mir Shops empfehlen wo man was tolles kriegt?

    Liebe Grüsse

    • Danke Nhat-Ha ♡
      Ja unbedingt, du würdest bestimmt toll aussehen in einem Lolitakleidchen! :D
      Hm… ich kaufe mir die immer in Japan. Die Marke heisst BODYLINE, die haben ganz günstige und eine riesen Auswahl an süssen Kleider. Weiss gar nicht, ob man etwas online bestellen kann. Ansonsten gäbe es als alternative Ebay oder Yesstyle (obwohl da die Zollkosten teuer sind…).

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