Lolita Summer/Autumn Meeting – Bern 2012

Good evening world!

I am back from my seminar and finally find the time to upload my precious memories about the Lolita Summer/Autumn Meeting in Bern. I am so happy that I didn’t skip the chance to meet the awesome dolls (and gentleman). We met at the train station and took the bus to the rose garden in Bern. Hihi, like usual, we were quite eye-catching. People were starring at us or asked for a photo (especially the tourists were very fascinated about our appearance). Our colourful group was having a picnic with self-made sandwiches, muffins, cakes and lots of fun. Beside the interesting chats and karaoke performances from Laurita, Luca and Blanca, we had the opportunity to take some photo shootings with Vincent Tam. He took many breathtaking photos of us.

Attention! Here comes a flood of images~a mix of various Lolitas:
Cute, Classic, Elegant, Gothic, Ero, Wa-Loli  Kawaii Laurita-chan
So, happy to see her! Last time we met in October 2011!Here we go – off to the Rosengarten having a picnic ^^ Can you see Garfield beetween the girls ^.^ ? It’s time for photo shootings! And here are some pictures, which Vincent took for us!
The dolls look so lovely!


4 responses to “Lolita Summer/Autumn Meeting – Bern 2012

  1. Hahaha, it’s nice to see your share of the hundreds of photos that were taken that day… I’m not through with editing either -.- I’m looking forward to your edit of Vincent’s photos! ^^ And I was really happy to see you, too ^^ As we said, there must be a blogger meeting with Nekochan someday! ^^

    • I can’t wait to see your pictures, Laurita. I wonder how many pics you took ^^

      That would be nice! I hope wefind a suitable date for our Blogger Meeting soon *3*

  2. Such a fun activities. I was thinking Lolita event only celebrate at Japan. It surprise me when it also celebrate in your country. Cool !! I like this type of dress up. Sometimes dress up is really make us look like a doll

    • Yes, it is very special – but I am glad that there are people in Switzerland who loves Japan related topics, especially Lolita!
      We had a great day ^^

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