How to make cute Flower Sushi | Step-by-Step


Konnichiwa everyone!

Last Friday was Hinamatsuri, a special day  in Japan (every year on the 3. March), which is also called Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day. We do not celebrate it very special at home. Since I had the day off, my Mum and I made lunch together. I recently started following on Instagram. They post really easy step-by-step video recipes and one of them was this flower sushi, which I want to show you here. Just click on the picture below and you will be forwarded directly to the video. Everything looks so delicious – please do not have a look when you are hungry!! (*´ー`*)

@delishkitchen.tvdelishkitchen-tvPrepare sushi riceflower-sushi-1For the flower you need:
egg, ham, cucumber flower-sushi-2 flower-sushi-3 flower-sushi-4 flower-sushi-5 flower-sushi-6 flower-sushi-7 flower-sushi-8 flower-sushi-9 flower-sushi-10いただきます~
Itadakimasu~ flower-sushi-11

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