Halloween Nail Art Ideas


Hello, it’s me again!

Beside my Halloween look of yesterday, I also had some fun to paint my nails. I can’t remember when I last become so creative with my nails… On the one hand, I decided to do a creepy bloody look and on the other hand, I went for the spooky spider net look. Both are very simple and it is really easy to create them. Try it out! (*゚∀゚*)

PS. Check out my nail art gallery for other ideas ^_^

Use a straw and dip it into the nail polishHalloweenNails_49 HalloweenNails_48blow it out!
HalloweenNails_47If it is your first time,
try it out before you blow the polish on your nails HalloweenNails_46My base coat was white HalloweenNails_45 HalloweenNails_44If you like, you can cover your fingers with a isulating tape HalloweenNails_43 HalloweenNails_42Wait until the nail polish is dry
Remove the remained polish with a cotton swabHalloweenNails_41Here comes the spidernet nail
All you need is a thin brush, a white and a black nail polishHalloweenNails_40 HalloweenNails_39So easy, right? ^_^ HalloweenNails_38 HalloweenNails_20HalloweenNails_37 HalloweenNails_10HalloweenNails_35

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