Liz Lisa Dress Inspired Nailart

Lack of creativity? You don’t know what to do with your nails? Accept a new challenge and try to match your nails to your outfit! I put on this light blue Liz Lisa dress with simple dots and I suddenly wanted to transfer this design to my nails. It is easy and can be done/combined with any colour you like. Hope you love this idea and it gives you some impressions for your next nail session.

> Find more inspiration on my nailart page

First start with a colour of your choice
(I used a pastel blue nail polish)Next, I used these lace nail stickers
(bought at Daiso Japan) Make dots with a dotting pen and add some cute ribbons Matching outfit & nails My favourite nailart helpers:
Corrector Pen from Essence
Epress Dry Spray from Essence Express Dry Drops from Essence


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