D.Va Overwatch Inspired Nailart

My sister is obsessed with (playing) Overwatch, so I made some D.Va inspired nails for her. She picked the colours (and that giant deco cupcake, which was surprisingly very matching) and I started painting! The base colour was pink and blue – what else – and we added some glitter and sparkly confetti. On one side, we put the deco cupcake (which I got from Claire’s) and on the other side, I draw the face of the D.Va bunny. The whole process was much easier for me, because I didn’t have to struggle with the “left hand painting” problem (nail artists will understand), may I should experiment on others more often lol. That’s it for today, next blog post will be about travels. Stay tuned~!

> Find more inspiration on my nailart page

Use some typical D.Va colours: Blue & Pink Feel free to add some glitter
I used this nail polish from HOMEIBase coatI added a deco Cupcake, which had the perfect matching colourDon’t foget the D.Va bunny
(make some design tests on a simple paper, if you are insecure)Finished nails That Cupcake! Happy nailart helpers:
Corrector Pen from Essence
Express Dry Spray from Essence Express Dry Drops from Essence


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