16th JapAniMangaNight


Konnichiwa again~ ( ´ⅴ`)ノ

What would a year be without the JapAniMangaNight event?! Can’t believe that 75 days have been passed already! This has been my fifth (and best) time this year. The community is growing and with it the event. I was very happy that I could be part as a volunteer staff again – not because of the free entry, it is more because it makes so much fun to be part of the JAN family. It was such a pleasure to meet new and familiar faces and I had a wonderful time with all the team members, I missed you guys so much! Thank you to the OK-Team for the entire organization and your hard work and many thanks to all the other staffs for making this event just unforgettable! You all did a phenomenal job! Thank you so much for your efforts. Arigatoo for everything! The JapAniMangaNight was bombastic – just amazing! Once again thank you all.

Can’t wait to see everyone again next year! Only 9 month to go v( ̄∇ ̄)!!

PS. Thank you to all my followers (especially the one from Instagram!!) for saying hello! It means the world to me! ♡♡♡

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Sneak peek of my Cosplay:JapAniMangaNight_50 JapAniMangaNight_49 JapAniMangaNight_48 JapAniMangaNight_47 JapAniMangaNight_46 JapAniMangaNight_45 JapAniMangaNight_43JapAniMangaNight_19 JapAniMangaNight_42Host Club this year! JapAniMangaNight_41 JapAniMangaNight_40Staff t-shirt
Red for this yearjapanimanganight_44My lovely working mates! JapAniMangaNight_44bI became a maid during my free time ^^ JapAniMangaNight_39 JapAniMangaNight_38 JapAniMangaNight_37 JapAniMangaNight_36 JapAniMangaNight_35 JapAniMangaNight_34 JapAniMangaNight_33 JapAniMangaNight_32 JapAniMangaNight_31Bubble Tea JapAniMangaNight_30Otaroom JapAniMangaNight_29SJHC – he Swiss Japanese Heritage Community JapAniMangaNight_28JAN photo wall
It is a pity that you couldn’t get
the pictures for free this year…JapAniMangaNight_27Sumo! Yay!JapAniMangaNight_26 JapAniMangaNight_25Piri~ ganbatte! JapAniMangaNight_24Sake workshop JapAniMangaNight_23I recommend the Yuzu Sake =) JapAniMangaNight_22some selfies with friends ( ^▽^) JapAniMangaNight_21f JapAniMangaNight_21e JapAniMangaNight_21d JapAniMangaNight_21cMadara Uchiha from Naruto
JapAniMangaNight_21bLink from Zelda JapAniMangaNight_21DJ RAM RIDER entertained us the whole night long JapAniMangaNight_20

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