12th JapAniMangaNight

I finally managed to upload the pictures of the JapAniMangaNight Event from last weekend! Unusually, I didn’t take many pictures this time and I didn’t feel like I have to… but for my memories I simply had to grab out my camera. Yep, as you will see at the end, I became again a maid (oh I love it so much♡♡♡)!! It was a hard and intensive weekend; cooking Okonomiyaki, serving drinks and coffee, less sleep and lots of hungry people. But all in all: we had a lively time, I met nice new people and the event was – like always – a big success! I look forward to next year; bigger, better and even more fun!

I also listed up the other events, which I attended:

10th JapAniMangaNight
11th JapAniMangaNight

My helper pass


typical JAN-weather: one day rainy, the next day sunny



my main task ^^


aren’t they cute? Patisserie from
Les Gourmandises de Miyuko

Remember my Lolita Meeting? Lolita Afternoon Tea 2011



this was very interesting; all about (cosplay) photography



Unicorn Table



…and now it’s my turn

Miho & Miho-Mama ^^


Miho & Okin

yay, I met ねこちゃん
and she’s smiling ♥ かわいい ♥


3 responses to “12th JapAniMangaNight

  1. The JAN this year was a blast! Too bad I wasn’t able to come on the first day too.. You looked absolutely adorable in your maid outfit! And I admired your hard work with the Okonomiyaki! I think many, many people would have been so hungry if it wasn’t for you guys! I hope we can soon meet again みほちゃん~

  2. Wow it looks so exciting! Especially the concert part and you look adorable in your cosplay! Haha I think that’s funny how they’re trying all the different positions!

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