15th JapAniMangaNight


Hi there! (*^-^*)

Let’s continue with the next convention, which was right after the Fantasy Basel event; the JapAniMangaNight. For the first time, this convention was held in Davos. The destination is one of the largest resort in Switzerland for mountain holidays, sport and conferences – and quite far away from my home. Anyhow, it has become a tradition and I really love the people and activities which you can do at the JapAniMangaNight event, so the attendance was a MUST for me. As every year, I worked as a staff at the food and beverage stand. The event took place at the Davos Congress Center, a really beautiful building if you ask me! It reminded me of my school time some years ago (we had to hold a presentation at the Congress Center). I was far too busy to check out all the stands and workshops, however working for this big event made a lot of fun too! I am already looking forward to next year!

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JAN2015_1JAN2015_2JAN2015_3 JAN2015_7 JAN2015_6 JAN2015_5 JAN2015_4JAN2015_19 JAN2015_18 JAN2015_17 JAN2015_16Maid Miho ^_^ JAN2015_15JAN2015_34Japanese Sweets *_* JAN2015_33
JAN2015_31JAN2015_32Otaroot JAN2015_24 JAN2015_29 JAN2015_28Met Rayun-san at the JANJAN2015_27 JAN2015_26 JAN2015_25 JAN2015_23 JAN2015_22JAN2015_30 JAN2015_21^_^JAN2015_20 JAN2015_20dOne Piece Bubble Tea~ JAN2015_20c JAN2015_20b JAN2015_14 JAN2015_13 JAN2015_12 JAN2015_11 JAN2015_10 JAN2015_9 JAN2015_8Little Bitty Creatures
Lovely art dolls!JAN2015_35JAN2015_36

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