11th JapAniMangaNight

Here some photo-impressions of JAPAniMangaNight! I had so much FUN at the JAN! New location, new workshops and a loooooot of Cosplayers! It was brilliant.


May you remember – I applied to work as a voluntary helper so the first day I sold some coffee, tea and dessert. The cakes and sweets were from Miyuko, a Café and Pâtisserie-Boutique in Zurich.

My coffee-break. Les gourmandises de Miyuko.jan_11_49

The following day – cooking & cutting vegetable for our hungry guests.jan_11_48jan_11_47

Last but not least: I met Neko-chan. The biggest event that ever happened on this day. *Hope to see her again soon* nekomiho

[photo by Silvan-kun ^^]


3 responses to “11th JapAniMangaNight

  1. Hey Miho-chan! I’m so happy to read of you \(^o^)/my weeks have been very intense too… hihi it`s interesting to see some pictures of the kitchen (^-^; the first ones I have seen so far!

  2. May really has flown away too quickly, hasn’t it >_<''
    the backstage photos of your volunteer work look interesting and that TV soap called リバウンド screams to be viewed by me, too XD''
    Enjoy the warm summer days! ~ 

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