14th JapAniMangaNight

Hello Lovelies! (´∀`*)ノ

It’s almost one month ago, since I was at the 14th JapAniMangaNight event in Winterthur! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go last year, because of school… As always, I was there as a volunteer helper (& a maid *g*). It made so much fun to help out in the kitchen and I was happy to meet my team colleagues again after two years. The location didn’t change but they are thinking of moving to another bigger place, since all the JAN tickets were sold out within a short time. There were still a lot of people who wanted to go to the event, but didn’t have any ticket. I am curious about the new location and hope that they will communicate the information soon.

So, what was up this year? Well, the program and the most of the contests and workshops didn’t change a lot. Special guest for the evening concert was POLTA, a rock-pop duo from Japan. And not to forget: Super Mario was there too! I even had the opportunity to take a photo shoot with him! You will find the picture below ( ゚ω^ )ゝ

I had a super great time at the JapAniMangaNight event and I am super excited to next year! (*´∀`*)

 You can find the past events here~
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12th JapAniMangaNight


My Outfit this year:
Neko Tights! ♥
With Hana *meow* (=^・・^=) Impressions of the JAN event: T-Shirt & Ticket
My working place ^^
Selling drinks, desserts, sweet breads from Hiro Takashi
and sushi from Yooji’s
Game Room
Polta Concert
Shopping ^w^
Nemu Neko *kawaii* OMG, I want those plushies!!! Shooting with Mario :D
Souvenirs from JAN~
Sweet breads, Ramune and Mangas ^^
Last but not least, Ramune Selfie *lol*


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