Akihabara the Electric Town


After my beauty and shopping trip in Harajuku, I went to Akihabara in the evening. I missed the opportunity to visit this district in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo on my last trip in Japan. I was soooo excited, because I only heard good things about Akihabara from my Otaku-friends here in Switzerland and they strongly recommend me to see this area when I am in Tokyo. They were also taking about Maids and Maid Cafes, which can be found everywhere and at almost every corner in Akihabara. Yep, this was definitely THE REASON why I urgently wanted to go to Akiba xD Akihabara is also known as the Electric Town, you can get DVDs, CDs, games, smartphones, cameras and almost every electronic devices. They also have plenty of manga and anime stuff!! You will find all kind of figures, dolls and toys. When you are in Akihabara, you should have a look at the Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ) store. They have a crazy range of products, from beauty, food to clothing or household groceries for example. The store called Akihabara Radiokaikan (秋葉原ラジオ会館), which is just next to the station is a MUST for every Anime-/Manga-Otaku. They have manga books, anime models and figurines en masse! You won’t believe what I found at the Akihabara Radiokaikan!!! Friends for my Mokeke Bean!! I walked into a shop called UCHUSEN (宇宙船) they had different character stuff and toys… and there was a corner full of Mokekes! This was the best thing that could happen to me on that day. ((o(´∀`)o)) You can’t imagine how difficult it is to find Mokeke plushies in Japan! I searched the whole Internet for shops, which may sell these little creatures, but no chance… ( ̄д ̄)エー Without hesitation I bought almost all Mokeke, which were hanging there. Now I had 12 freaky monsters more than before *lol* – I am the proud owner of 15 Mokeke creatures today, muhahaha (see here ^^). After my Mokeke-Shopping I went to a Maid Cafe, which was presented on TV. I think it was from the TV programme “YOU wa Nanishini Nippon e” (YOUは何しに日本へ?) which means Why did you come to Japan?. A team of interviewers go to various places in Japan – mainly they stay at the bigger airports. They look out for Gaijins (non-Japanese people) and asked them why they did come to Japan. A very interesting programme, if you ask me! Well back to the Maid Cafe – after all the years, my dream finally came true! ( ;∀;) You can’t believe how badly I wanted to go to a Maid Cafe! All the kawaii (sometimes crazy) girls and food there ・:*:・(*´∀`*)・:*:・ aaah, I miss it already. I was twice in the same cafe – on the second day when I was in Japan and on the last, before I flew back home. So you can almost guess what I am going to post in my next blog entry ^_^ *shalalala*♪

From Shibuya to Akihabara it takes about 40 minutes
A oneway ticket costs 200 YenAkihabara_51@Akihabara StationAkihabara_50Anime & Maid Girls! (*´∀`*)Akihabara_48I want this car!!! >w<Akihabara_45Akihabara_47Akihabara_49Akihabara_46@Akihabara Radiokaikan (秋葉原 ラジオ会館)Akihabaratraveldiary_45kawaiii dolls everywhere!!! *o*Akihabaratraveldiary_49why??!! she was sold out T_TAkihabaratraveldiary_48Akihabaratraveldiary_47Neko girls ^^Akihabaratraveldiary_46Sailor Moon MangaAkihabaratraveldiary_43Akihabaratraveldiary_42Akihabaratraveldiary_44Look what I found at this shop called UCHUSEN (宇宙船)! *_*Akihabaratraveldiary_51I coudn’t believe it…..!!Akihabaratraveldiary_41Still didn’t believe it…!!!!Akihabaratraveldiary_40OMG!!! Mokeke paradise!Akihabaratraveldiary_39Akihabara_41Akihabaratraveldiary_50@Akihabara Cultures Zone (アキバカルチャーズゾーン)Akihabara_44AkibaYou will find a lot of Maid Cafes and Maids around this areaAkihabara_42advertising for their Maid Cafe Akihabara_43PS. here is my souvenir from Akihabara *muhahaha*
I am sooo happy ^_^Akihabaratraveldiary_38


5 responses to “Akihabara the Electric Town

  1. Wohaaa! Lot’s of Mokekes! I’m glad you found them ;)
    I knew Japanese transport was expensive, but not that expensive. On the other hand, I think it’s worth it, since it’s a high quality service.

  2. Ah, such an interesting place to just wander around. Although, the anatomically correct figurines were chotto…. ne?

    BlueBird, 200 Yen for a 40-minute journey is expensive??? For me that would cost around Y1000, nearly an hour’s wages. In some towns in our neighbouring county it would cost Y2000! *jealous*

    • Here we pay about 40Y to use the subway. It’s the same price regardless the distance, but I must admit that the service is awful. Also, the bus service is the worst thing ever, and we need to pay at least 50Y-70Y, depending on the distance and where you take the bus (the city is so big that some parts are between different states).
      So maybe, now that I think about it, 200Y for a good and reliable transport is not too much.

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