Harajuku Shopping Street


The day after my arrival in Shibuya, Tokyo it was a wonderful sunny Friday. I had an appointment at the hair dresser’s in Harajuku. I have already booked the date and time a long time ago when I was in Switzerland. I did it online on beauty.hotpepper.jp, where you can search for a hair/nail or other beauty salons in Japan. I was looking for a hair salon which was specialised in permanent waves since I wanted to cut and renew my hair style a bit. The salon Lange tiara (ランジェ ティアラ) in Harajuku was the one I liked the best. They offered digital perm (デジタルパーマ), so I want to try this out. Compared to the traditional perm, you use a special machine to create the waves. I have already tried out the traditional perm for the first time in Switzerland (check out my blog post here) and in my opinion, the traditional one is easier to handle (wash and dry). When you have digital perms, you have to style the waves while you are blow drying your hairs, which can be quite time-consuming… but on the other hand, I like the waves created by the digital process much more than the result from the traditional way.

So, back to sunny Friday. I took the Yamanote Line (the railway loop line in Tokyo) to go to Harajuku. It is just one station from Shibuya. I had my appointment at 10 o’clock. The hair salon was just a view minutes away from the Laforet department store. It wasn’t easy to find it although, since the hair dresser’s was on the upper floor of a narrow building. The salon was lovely furnished and the staff were very nice. My personal hairdresser was KUMA, he did a great job and I was very happy with the outcome of my hairs (well, I am actually always satisfied with the result, when I cut my hair in JAPAN. In Switzerland, it often ends in a catastrophe!!).

In the afternoon I had a shopping tour in Harajuku. I struggled through the famous Takeshita Street – it was crowded with people as always. You will find numerous fashion boutiques and crazy shops there! It is always a pleasure to walk through this shopping street. I didn’t stay too long, because I also wanted to visit Akihabara in the evening. I hadn’t the chance to go to Akihabara the last time when I was in Japan, so it was still on my to-do-list. I am going to post about it soon! Stay tuned ^_^!

  Takeshita Street HarajukuHarajukushoppingstreet_1Did you know that most of the shops open at 10 AM?
This is how it looks like, when you walk through the
Takeshita Street in the early morning.Harajukushoppingstreet_4Harajukushoppingstreet_3 Harajukushoppingstreet_2At the hair dresser’s Lange TiaraHarajukushoppingstreet_10Harajukushoppingstreet_5The hair salonHarajukushoppingstreet_6KUMA-san made my hair ^w^Harajukushoppingstreet_7Don’t worry, this is normal xDHarajukushoppingstreet_8*tadaaaa*, after the styling:Harajukushoppingstreet_9natural looking wavesHarajukushoppingstreet_12Off to the Takeshita Street! Harajukushoppingstreet_20 Harajukushoppingstreet_19 Harajukushoppingstreet_18 Harajukushoppingstreet_17Cool, look at those lace bracelets! Harajukushoppingstreet_15Candy shopHarajukushoppingstreet_13Harajukushoppingstreet_16Yay, Kiddy Land!!
I love Funassyi ふなっしー!Harajukushoppingstreet_14PS. The Candy shop and Kiddy Land are located near
the Laforet department store and
not in the Takeshita Street!


5 responses to “Harajuku Shopping Street

  1. The shops from my country also open about 10:00~11:00am XD. At what time do they open in your country?
    I’m surprised about the prices of those candies (The hamburgers and pandas), they’re way cheaper than I expected. Here they cost at least ten times more :S
    BTW, your hair looked awesome. ;)

    • Oh really? I think 10 AM is quite late *lol* Most of the shops in Switzerland are open at 08:00 ~ 09:00 AM.

      Yep, candies are quite cheap in Japan. And thank you, BTW ^_^

      • 08:00 am?? Wow!
        Well, most shops open at 10:00am, but they usually close around 8:00pm or later, especially when it’s Christmas season, Valentines Day, or Mother’s Day, etc. So, maybe shops in your country close earlier… or maybe we’re really lazy XD

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