Throwback Japan – Arriving in Shibuya


Konnichiwa my Lovelies! (。・_・。)ノ

After nearly 5 month, I finally thouht that now is the right time to post about my travel in Japan. Thank you so much for waiting patiently for my travel diary. I hope you are all excited and curious about what I did in my second homeland. All about my stay in Tokyo, Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjukumy student life in Fukuoka – a short side trip to my cousin in Nagasaki – awesome experiences at the Maid, owl and cat Cafe and and and… is waiting for you ♪

So, let’s start with my journey and the first day in Japan. My trip started on 1th October 2014. I booked a flight with the Lufthansa airline. It was the first time that I traveled on my own to Japan. I normally get used to travel with my Mum or my friends. My flight took off in the early afternoon from Zurich Airport. I had a short stop-over in Frankfurt, Germany. I have never flown with Lufthansa before so I was a bit excited, how the flight will be. The last few times I flew with Emirated Airlines via Dubai – their flight service was the best so far! However, Lufthansa wasn’t that bad although. The food was ok, the cabin crew members were nice and the entertainment program on board was acceptable too. After approximately 12 hours I finally arrived at the Tokyo Haneda Airport on the following day.

With my half-empty suitcase I took the train to Shibuya, where I was going to stay for 2 nights, before I continued to travel to Fukuoka. My hotel, the Shibuya Tokyu Inn Hotel, was located only a four minute walk away from the train station. It was early afternoon at that time, so I quickly took a shower aaaaaand guess what xD !! What does a half-empty suitcase mean?? There is plenty of space to fill it up! Muhaha, time for shopping v(>w<*)ィエイ! My first target point was the Shibuya 109. I will never forget the first day in this awesome department store! 10 floors and more than 100 shops – a girl’s paradise! I actually spent the whole afternoon there *lol*. Before I went back to my hotel, I bought food from the Family Mart Konbini (a Japanese convenience store). A quick look at my emails was the last thing before I went to bed – I was extremely tired from the long flight (jet lag) and shopping, so I fell asleep very quickly.

JapanTokyo_1 Apple Cinnamon Donut :DJapanTokyo_3 JapanTokyo_2いつも一緒 ♥ Traveling with my MokekeJapanTokyo_4Somehow this looks funny…. but actually it was annoying -_-”JapanTokyo_5Flying with LufthansaWelcometoJapan-0Wohoo, let’s go! WelcometoJapan-6Flight meal WelcometoJapan-5 WelcometoJapan-4Frankfurt Airport WelcometoJapan-2 WelcometoJapan-1Japan, I am coming!WelcometoJapan-7 WelcometoJapan-8 WelcometoJapan-9WelcometoJapan-10Hello Shibuya, long time no see! ^_^
WelcometoJapan-15 WelcometoJapan-11 WelcometoJapan-10xMy hotel: Tokyu Inn Hotel, ShibuyaWelcometoJapan-12Shibuya 109!!!!! I missed you soooo much!WelcometoJapan-13I need new clothes :D WelcometoJapan-14This is the reason why I love Japan:WelcometoJapan-16WelcometoJapan-17 WelcometoJapan-18 WelcometoJapan-19Vocaloid Luka – isn’t this kawaii?
OMG, I love Japan xDWelcometoJapan-20WelcometoJapan-21

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2 responses to “Throwback Japan – Arriving in Shibuya

  1. I’ve been flying with Emirates and Lufthansa before, and I agree with you that Emirates is the best so far, in terms of food especially :D

    Japan is one of my wishlist to go, but cannot find the right time yet. :) It must be very nice to travel there in autumn like you did!

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