Shopping at Shibuya 109

The following post is for any Fashion-holics & -lovers! One of the reason why I love Japan regarding this topic is that you can find any kind of clothing and the product range is enormous! And furthermore, nobody – really NOBODY cares what you are wearing. Funky, colourful, freaky, scary, casual, business-like, cosplay or kawaii – this is all normal in Japan. I miss the fashion freedom in Switzerland, even if you can wear everything you like, it is not the same like in Japan. -_-” Try to wear some unique tights in Switzerland… people will stare at you *lol*. However, I don’t care ⁎ˇ◡ˇ⁎ I wear what I like! And for all who love Japanese fashion, you should definitely go to Shibuya 109 when you are in Tokyo! Can you imagine: 10 floors and more than 100 shops *____* ?! For me it was like heaven~ (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・

Recharging my energy, before heading to Shibuya 109And here we go ^.^ Circle Lenses Fake Lashes Shoes Liz Lisa109 MEN’S is on the opposite of Shibuya 109 Spongebob pants =))


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