Throwback Japan: Fun Time in Tokyo

Do you remember where we could travel carefree around the world? Me neither, lol!! It feels like a decade since I last went to Japan… I normally visit Japan once a year, but sadly I had to cancel my trip last year due to COVID-19 and it doesn’t even look good for this year. Let’s keep fingers crossed for 2022! In the meanwhile, I am happy to share some memories with you guys (I still have so many travel memories, so it is actually good that I cannot travel at the moment, hehe)! This travel journey will be about Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto back in 2018 – my first trip to Japan with my boyfriend! As you guys know, I always have a very busy programme, when I visit this country, I try to see, eat and do as much as possible! Many things are already planned fix as a “daily routine”, for example the visit to my hairdresser in Harajuku, the maid café in Akihabara and my usual shopping destinations like Shibuya 109, Takeshita Street Harajuku and Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. I usually visit one amusement park, this time it was the Disney Sea and I try to visit at least one new animal café and a new themed café/restaurant. I also plan day trips from Tokyo or Osaka to somewhere where I have never been before (depending on the weather). During this trip, I will take you to the Chureito Pagoda in Arakurayama Sengen Park, the most famous and very first picture that appears, when you enter “Japan” into Google images. There are many more interesting posts coming up, so stay tuned!

If you are looking for useful tips before travelling to Japan, make sure to check out my separate blog post → here. You can find all about visa, currency, adapter, tax free shopping, useful travel apps, transportation and more! In case you have already been in Japan and you are still seeking for cool places in Japan, just check out my travel category Japan, there are a lot of interesting cafés, restaurants, amusement parks and hot spots, where I have been during the past years.

Take me back to Japan~
Throwback Autumn 2018My very favourite and recommended hotel:
Hotel Mystays Gotanda StationHere we are in Harajuku First thing to do in Japan:
Chop off my hair @ hair salon (prize Harajuku)Tokyu Plaza is one of the most famous and
most photographed spot because of the special mirrors
(the one I used for the header)Go shopping @ Laforet in Harajuku
There is a Sailor Moon shop!Walk up the Takeshita Street in Harajuku!
LINE Store Harajuku Take a picture with Brown! Kiddy Land is a must if you like cute character items ^_^ IT’S DEMO has a lot of kawaii make-up Arg, why must everything look so cute in Japan?!Food is delicious everywhere in Japan!I miss the Izakaya (Japanese bar)…The Konbini (Convenience Store) in Japan is open 24h
and you won’t believe it, but their food is soooooo good!
Sometimes we buy breakfast, lunch or dinner at a Lawson,
7-Eleven or Family Mart and enjoy it in the hotel room. Shibuya 109 – Shopping is a must here!
This building is just for girls
(there is one for men on the opposite side)Isn’t this cute?
I always buy the Unicorm Perfume from this brandI made a video about 109 may year’s ago,
so feel free to check it out:

My favourite vending machine in Japan, hehe
It’s located in Shibuya, just next to L’OccitanePokémon Center @ Ikebukuro Sunshine CityElectric Town Akihabara
A must for Anime & Manga Lovers!I could spend hours at a Game Center!!! Crane Games makes so much fun Hana would have killed me if I bought this…
Yep, in Japan you can find everything xDMy boyfriend showed me his secret spot in Akihabara.
I didn’t know that there exists such a peaceful
place in busy Akihabara!
Kyodan-mon Gate/Statue of Confucius

Maid Café Akihabara
I recommend you to go to the @home cafeSneak peek of my haul, which is actually like
1/1000 of the stuff I bought in Japan, haha!
some more…


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