Takeshita Street at Harajuku

Let’s continue with another shopping location; Harajuku! Harajuku is very near from Shibuya, just about three, four stations by train. At the famous Takeshita street, you can find numerous boutiques and trendy fashion shops one after another. Harajuku was my second paradise *lol*. The street was full of young and old people… it was difficult to move forward o.Ö My sister and I spend two days at Harajuku, because we mostly went through every shop, that’s why we were getting ahead at a very slow pace. OMG, you guys should have seen how our hotel room looked like after all the shopping trips!! …as though someone set off a bomb. hahaa. (*´꒳`*)

Having breakfast with my Sis.
Girl’s shopping day!Laforet, a fashion mall, which is similar to Shibuya 109.
It is located near the Takeshita StreetInside of Laforet Emily Temple – kawaii Lolita fashion but it is quite expensive >.< Here we go – Takshita Street Liz Lisa!
I bought a bag here ^^When girls go shopping….
…the chaos in our hotel roomGot a new bag at Liz Lisa *__*


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