Miyuko’s Mad Tea Party Set for Home

Hello my Sweethearts, I hope you are doing well! We are in another “lockdown mode” here in Switzerland, which means you cannot do any leisure activities or go out for a meal or even for a coffee break. All restaurants and cafés are closed. Usually, my better half and I go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, but this year we are basically staying at home. I therefore made a small Pre-Valentine Afternoon Tea Party yesterday and today we will have Sushi (Take-Away) from the sushi restaurant KAITEN. I am a big fan of the Japanese inspired café called Miyuko, which you might have already seen on my Lolita meet-up posts or from time to time when I visited Zurich. Miyuko started to sell a Tea Party Set Online that you can enjoy at home. Due to Corona and all the lockdowns, I was craving to have a little bit of Miyuko feeling at home (I really miss going out, having coffee or good food!). The set is for two persons and everything arrived on time on Thursday. The scones and all other treats can be kept for about 4 days, so you can simply plan your Afternoon Tea Party at the weekend. I added some homemade chocolate, more scones (click here for the recipe) and my Mum made yummy sandwiches to complete the Afternoon Tea. Thank you to Miyuko for all the lovely delights and I hope we can visit the café soon again!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Mad Tea Party Set for Home (incl. PostPac Priority)
CHF 49.00

2 Scones, Almond Cream, Fruit Compote, Shortbread, Chocolate Bar and Cookies (we got Thyme Shortbread and Cranberry Sables) and a Miyuko’s Black Tea for 2 persons.

Order can be placed until Tuesday evening, the shipping will be on Wednesday, so that you will get the package on the following day.

Vegan Option Available

You can order the tea set on Miyuko’s WebshopMaking homemade scones!
If you need a simple recipe, just check out my post hereMum made Sandwiches~ Mad Hatter Yoshi Tea Party Box:All details about the treats: Black Tea and Chocolate Bar Yummy for my TummyHere is the address of the café, if you like to visit it:  I made some Valentine’s ChocolateAnd added some more scones PS: You can find Clotted Cream @ Coop (Fine Food) Happy Day And a big thank you to my better half
for these wonderful flowers!Happy Valentine’s Day my Lovelies ♡ In Memories – HANA
She would have turned 9 years old today!
Miss you~

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