Sunshine City Ikebukuro

Have you already been to Shibuya, Harajuku and Akihabara? Still looking for another place for shopping? I didn’t know for long, that there is a big shopping mall in Ikebukuro. You have great opportunities there – from game centers, anime or cat cafes, aquariums, planetariums, amusement parks or just ordinary shops – you won’t get bored in Ikebukuro. If you have time, plan a day at Ikebukuro and watch out for Sunshine City. If you are a big Pokémon fan, it is almost a must! There is a Pokémon Center Mega in the building. There are also two amusement areas – J-World Tokyo and Namja Town – so if you are looking for fun with Ruffy, Son Goku or Naruto, this is the right place for you. Beside the fashion stores, you have a lot of cute shops like Kiddy Land or Ani Cute, which sells a wide selection of cute characters like Snoopy, Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma or the Donguri Garden is perfect for any Ghiblilover. This time I only went there for shopping and eating, however, I would love to go back and visit the Sky Circus, the aquarium, the planetarium or one of the amusement parks I mentioned.

At Ikebukuro stationJust follow the signs When you see Hello Kitty, it was the right direction :) Game Center Almost there Cute cakes at the Tokyu Hands Let’s go My favourite fashion stop; Lodispotto This one is cute too! Oh yes! Welcome to Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo Pikachu You can have fun at J-World Tokyo Namja Town J-World My lunch *mhmmm* I freakin love Katsu! Animate – for all Anime lovers Unfortunaltey, I didn’t have time to visit the cafe.
Hopefully next time!


2 responses to “Sunshine City Ikebukuro

  1. I love planetariums. I never thought they could be built inside malls, I suppose they’re smaller than traditional planetariums, but I’d still enjoy them. By reading Sunshine City’s webstite, it seems it’s a real planetarium and not just a set of projectors pointing to the walls emulating an omimax system. That’s really cool. In my country, many electromechanical planetariums are being replaced with projectors instead of digital planetariums. The experience is good, but not as great as it used to be. The image contrast is not good enough.

    Your lunch looks so goooood! Besides rice and shrimp, what else is in the picture?

    • I really can’t wait to do one of the activities there. The planetarium sounds really nice.
      In Japan you usually get a set with Miso soup, rice and some vegetables =)

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