Highlights of 2019

“Everything happens for a Reason”

Hello againヽ(>∀<☆)ノ!

Gosh, don’t tell me that 2020 is around the corner. Time is passing by as fast as superman! How are you all feeling? Good? Worse? Full of energy? Old (=me haha)? Here comes my annual ending, a review of the year. There were a lot of changes, happy bus also sad memories. I travelled to London, Dubai, Marrakesh, Indonesia and of course Japan this year. I visited my lovely family in Japan after two years and I also cut my hair really short after more than 4 years! I had my last working day in summer, after 7 years. One of the most heartbreaking news this year is that I had to let go of my precious friend Hana some weeks ago. I still can’t believe it, but I am thankful for all the wonderful moments we had.

Thank you to all my precious followers and friends – thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am super excited what the new year will bring. Sending you lots of love and a lot of great events in the coming year ♡ xoxo Miho.

2019 in a nutshell…

Didn’t attend a lot this year, but it’s nice
to be part of this community!
Every year again!EUROPAPARK
Our annual tradition!DUBAI
I finally made it to Dubai!LONDON
Can’t get enough of this city!MOROCCO
My first time in AfricaINDONESIA
Wanted to go to Bali for such a long time!
Thx honey, for making my dream come true!JAPAN
Visiting relatives and just having fun!TICINO
Reunion with my lovely (tourism) school mates LAST WORKING DAY
Saying goodbye after 7 years!POKEMON ADDICTED
My bf bought me a Switch Lite, it was a big mistake…
…I got addicted to Pokémon (and I am still playing GO btw)ONE OK ROCK
They came back to Zurich, thanks for the great show boys! REUNION
Meeting a good old friend living in Japan
It was nice to meet you again!
Hope our friendship lasts forever :)HALLOWEEN
My favourite season!
(check out my video tutorial)SHOPPING IN MAILAND
Shopping with my beloved girlsFROZEN 2
Going crazy about Frozen 2! I waited so long for this moment!THANK YOU HANA
I will miss you my precious friend. Thank you for everything!CHOP CHOP
I coloured my hair and left them in Japan
Short hair hoorayyy!!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful year ♡


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