Fantasy Basel – the Swiss Comic Con | 2019

Hi everyone!

Fantasy Basel was some weeks ago! The event celebrates its 5th anniversary and I never ever skipped a year yet. It is getting better and better and the community is growing! They also started to invite really cool actors, stars and producers. This year, for example, you could meet Natalia Tena, Jon Campling or Josh Herdman from Harry Potter, unfortunately, I couldn’t meet Goyle & Co. because the program was on Sunday and we only went on Saturday (the event is 3 days – but one day is enough for me). They also announced a Harry Potter fan corner, but I was quite disappointed since the booth was super small and nobody was there (because of break)… Anyway, this might can change the next few years – the more fans, the better.

Beside this small disappointment, all in all, the event was great. The food was super good, I can’t remember that they had Karaage and Okonomiyaki at FaBa before. Furthermore, they had a super fancy ice cream corner with matcha ice and colourful ice cream cones! The line was too long, so I had to skip the dessert. Most of our time we spent at the artist and merchandise hall, looking at all the cute plushies, Anime figures and the amazing works of the artists. There was the NASA exhibition right next to the main hall and the Star Wars corner, where you could take pictures with a stormtrooper. The convention made super fun after a long break (my last one was the JapAniManga Night, which will unfortunately not take place this year). I am already excited what they will bring next year!

My outfit for FaBaWearing my favourite dress from Metamorphose temps de fillePair look with my boy♡♡♡Here we are back again, after one year! Fright Guys! Love them so much! Wrestling Taking pictures with my gang Say cheeeeese~ Met lovely taniadeandrade!
Her costumes are amazing as always!!
Sisi ♡With my love ♡ And the whole outfit Eevee! Snorlax automatically makes me smile :)Anime figures Japanese food corner Fancy ice cream
(unfortunately, we didn’t buy one, cause the line was sooo long)Okonomiyaki by OKOs Main Hall and Star Wars corner Artist Hall Linkitty Art Minakings My sister got this cute postcard with Pokémon Darwin’s Choice
Do you like playing classic board games?Groot looks scary… Virtual Reality We met Detective Pikachu at Fantasy Basel! Took pictures with this little guy though They annouced a Harry Potter corner…
I expected more, so this was a little disappointing.
Hope it will become bigger next year!


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