Thank You for Everything, Hana

This post is dedicated to my precious friend and family member, Hana. She passed away yesterday, because of leucosis, a cat disease, which is not curable. We decided to let her go – to the wonderful cat paradise and I know that she will be in good hands with my good old friend Figaro. Yes, my dear Hana, I miss you so much and I wish we could have more time together, but the past cannot be changed. I am very thankful for every moment and the unforgettable seven and a half year we could spend together. I will never forget, that you chew and messed up my precious headphones or cables and somehow I could kill you for doing all these stupid things, but I just couldn’t be mad at you. You were there for me, when I felt lonely or bored to cheer me up. Thank you for everything – you will live on in my heart. Forever and always. I Love You.

13.12.2019 ♡


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