Bloody Halloween Vampire Tutorial

Hello pumpkins!

Are you ready to rock the night? It’s Hallowèéèééèen tomorrow~!!! I did another make-up tutorial together with my hun. I went for a bloody vampire look, which is very simple to create. You need a black and red eyeshadow, red eyeliner and some fake blood. Feel free to add some spooky jewellery or accessories to your look. I tried some super long halloween nails – which looks super cool but – to be honest – are very unpractical lol. I couldn’t even take a pen or something with those nails, haha. Anyhow, I witch you a happy Halloween!

My fake nails – super cool but unpractical hahaha Thank God I don’t have any long nails Close-Up Feel free to add spooky jewellery & accessories Hope you like it! Happy Halloween everyone!


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