Spring in Japan: Shopping in Tokyo

In Tokyo, you can go shopping, enjoy shopping and of course shopping lol! When I arrive in Japan, my suitcase is almost empty. I just take the basics with me, so I am always forced to go shopping haha. Beside the appointment at the hairdresser’s, I start my Japan trip at the famous shopping mall Shibuya 109. It has 10 floors, where you can find clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and cosmetics – and it is just for girls!! There is a separate building just for men btw. Furthermore, I check out the latest trends in Harajuku at the Takeshita Street and the Laforet or Tokyu Plaza department store. I love buying cosmetics and hair treatments at the drugstore Matsumoto Kiyoshi – you will find them everywhere. In Akihabara, I always have a look at the Akihabara Radiokaikan (秋葉原ラジオ会館), if they have any new Mokeke. However, Akihabara is also known for its electronic goods, anime figures and all kind of games (Nintendo, Playstation, Gameboy, computer… Akihabara is the place for it). If you are exhausted from shopping, you can recharge your energy at a game center. Try out the Ufo catcher, take Purikura with your friends, play Mario Kart or just check out the showcases, which are full with anime merchandise or cute plushies. You will soon be ready for the next shopping trip (´▽`)

Shibuya 109 – what else?!

Look at these bunny shoes! Tsum Tsum Lodispotto, my favourite brand
I always end up buying a jacket here :)Akihabara – a pardise for gamers Uchusen!
The right place if you are looking for Mokeke ^^My lovelies, awwww Takeshita Street in Harajuku

Try to go in the morning to avoid the crowd! There is a Pompompurin and a Ojipan cafe at the street I think this is new…
Line Friends StoreLaforet Tokyu Plaza I couldn’t decide, so I bought them all!
Dresses from Axes Femme Check out my video ^^

Let’s play tsum tsum! I got Anna as a gift Another haul, I need to show you:
– Unicorn perfume by Ohana Mahaalo
– Canmake foundation (my recommendation!)


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