Spring in Japan: Tokyo

Mina-san, konichiwa! Hi everyone! (*´∀`*)

Ready to join me to Japan? So let’s turn back time to spring 2016. I decided to visit Japan on my own and it was also my first time during the spring (hanami) season. I started my tour on the 20 March in Tokyo, visited my beloved family in Tottori for about one week and visited some of my friends and celebrated my birthday in Osaka. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you. Stay tuned for some sightseeing posts, shopping experiences, fancy restaurants and cafes and a lot of more topics. First of all, I will leave you with some pictures my first day in Japan.

Zurich AirportBreakfast at Starbucks Never without my Mokeke Bean ^_^ Waiting for my plane My first time with Austrian AirlineReady to take off We had to change in Vienna, Austria Vienna Airport The first thing I do, when I am on the plane:
Checking the moviesI decided to watch “An” (a Japanese movie)
I really loved it!
More than 10 hours to Tokyo Narita Airport… Plane Food Some more miles! Breakfast Yay, here we are in Japan!!!! I had to change my train at Ueno station Everything was covered with cherry blossoms!Back in Shibuya! Japanese commercials. So Japan.I stayed at the Granbell Hotel in Shibuya
It was only a 10 minutes walk from Shibuya 109 :)))

The next day Breakfast was japanese style ^_^ My first haul!
During Hanami season, everything comes in Sakura edition Japan and their cute packagings
I tried not to buy it…. no chance >w<Sakura Latte  Sakura Anman!
I think it was from 7-Eleven


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