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Hello dear readers!

I am finally going to start my travel diary about my trip to Holland! Last week, I just saw a short documentary about this wonderful country and thought: NOW I really need to blog about it! And here it is~♪ Today I will show you a short summary about my journey. It was always my dream to visit Amsterdam because of its beautiful tulips and windmills! I didn’t have any special plans during Easter last year, so I decided to go to Holland with my Mum. When I talked to my working colleagues about my Easter holidays in Amsterdam, they were like: what are you up to in Amsterdam + *ironic smile*?? A long time I didn’t understand why they “made fun of me” until I found out that soft drugs are legal in Amsterdam. Seriously, I didn’t know that! *lol* (or at least I forgot it). I only had tulips and windmills in mind!!

So let’s go back to the 2 April 2015. We flew with KLM from Zurich Airport to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. I remember that the weather was bad in Switzerland but when we arrived in Holland the sun was shining. We were more or less lucky with the weather – most of the day it was sunny or cloudy and we had just a few moments where it was slightly raining. On our first day we drop off our luggage at the Dorint Hotel (the hotel was nice and quite near from the airport, but the shuttle bus was very very crowded and there is acutally nothing to do around the hotel…). In the afternoon we took a short trip to Amsterdam city. At almost every corner you could discover a museum – there are more than 50 museums in Amsterdam! Furthermore, we saw a lot of souvenir shops, cheese shops, coffee shops, bakeries, cafes, restaurants and other curiosities. I really loved the canals of Amsterdam and the pretty, slim and high houses. In the evening we ended up in a steakhouse restaurant where we have been served by a very friendly waiter.

On the next day, we had breakfast at La Place restaurant. They use 100% natural ingredients and the food and freshly pressed juices are very yummy! At 11:45am we attended a free walking tour. You can book the tour on The walking tour takes around 2,5 hours and it’s totally free. Kiel Buckland was our guide and he explained us the history of the city, prostitution, drug decriminalization, museums and other interesting facts about Amsterdam. After the walking tour my mother and I actually wanted to visit the Anne Frank museum, however the queue was unbelievably looooooooooooong. I recommend you to book the ticket online and make sure that you do that early enough – unfortunately the online tickets were already sold out for the days we wanted to go… Instead we visited some of the cafes and bakeries, which my friend recommended me.

Saturday, 4 April 2015 – we had a short day trip to Volendam, Marken and the windmills. I can’t tell you anything about it yet, because there will be a separate blog post ;) It’s coming soon, promised!

On Easter Sunday I booked us an Afternoon Tea at the Café Americain. I reserved a table at a fixed time, however, when we arrived there, they told us that they weren’t ready… we should come in about one hour again. That was very disappointing, but what else could we do than wait and return? So we took a walk in the city, marvelled at the enchanting canals of Amsterdam and did some window shopping. After one hour we went back to the Café Americain and fortunately the table was ready! The plate was really delicious and we had a great mix between sweet and savoury ♡

Monday was our last day in Amsterdam, before we flew back home on the other day. As I told you, the main reason why I wanted to go to Holland was because of the tulips!! Where else can you admire hundreds of varieties of tulips and other beautiful plants than at the famous Keukenhof Garden? Also here I am going to post a separate entry, I have thousands of pictures to share with you guys ^.^!

That’s it for now! All in all I had a wonderful Easter trip in Amsterdam and I deeply felt in love with this city!!! It become one of my favourite place in the world~♪ I can’t wait to go there soon again! (*´∀`*)

Day 1
~2 April 2015~
Leaving Switzerland
Amsterdam_80look who joined me ^^
Mokeke~Amsterdam_79 Amsterdam_78arrived save Amsterdam_77At the airport Schiphol AmsterdamAmsterdam_76 Amsterdam_75pear juice (Perensap ^_^)Amsterdam_74 Amsterdam_73Mum hates selfies.. Amsterdam_72we stayed at the Dorint Hotel
it is about 10 minutes away from Schiphol Airport (by bus)Amsterdam_71honey waffles, mint water and a cookie monster cupcake!
Bought everything at the airportAmsterdam_70*nom nom nom*
This little monster is from CupcakechicAmsterdam_69so many things to do in Amsterdam!
I love these discount cards, they were available at our hotelAmsterdam_68 Amsterdam_67I recommend you to buy a Amsterdam Travel Ticket
You can use the public transport services as much as you like!
Available are 1-, 2- or 3-day tickets (for 15, 20, 25€)
You can buy them at the AKO Books & Travel store at Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam_65Amsterdam main station Amsterdam_64 Amsterdam_63checking the map Amsterdam_62Amsterdam has an almost endless selection of museums to visit! Amsterdam_61You will find Miffy everywhere :)
This bunny is quite famous in Japan!Amsterdam_60Weed souvenirs Amsterdam_59 Amsterdam_58Holy Cheese!! :D Amsterdam_57Street Art
I kinda like itAmsterdam_56I love this sight! Amsterdam_55Meeeeaaat!! *muhaha*
Had dinner at a Spanish steakhouse restaurantAmsterdam_54writing some post cards for my friendsAmsterdam_53Day 2
~3 April 2015~ Amsterdam_52breakfast at La Place
It was one of my favourite restaurants there!Amsterdam_51LA PLACE, Schipholplaza aankomst 1-2, 1182 ZA Schiphol

Amsterdam_50Free Tour Amsterdam
Discovering the city by foot
I booked the free walking tour here: newamsterdamtours.comAmsterdam_49I love this guy!
Learned a lot about the city from Kiel Buckland!
Thank you so much, the tour was awesome =)Amsterdam_48BegijnhofAmsterdam_47our group Amsterdam_46 Amsterdam_45 Amsterdam_44the narrowest house in Amsterdam ↓↓↓Amsterdam_43 Amsterdam_42My friend recommended me this restaurant (Gartine)
Unfortunately, it was fully booked T_TAmsterdam_41GARTINE, Taksteeg 7 BG, 1012 PB Amsterdam

Residence Sweets!
pancakes, crepes, waffles and more…Amsterdam_40RESIDENCE SWEETS, Langebrugsteeg 2, 1012 GB Amsterdam

De laatste Kruimel
This bakery was awesome!
So many yummy stuff.
Amsterdam_39DE LAATSTE KRUIMEL, Langebrugsteeg 4, 1012 GB Amsterdam

Upstairs Pannekoekenhuis
Pancakes – upstairs?! Yep! ^_^Amsterdam_38UPSTAIRS PANNEKOEKENHUIS, am

Kapitein Zeppos
I loved the pleasant atmosphere and the interior decoration!
Amsterdam_37KAPITEIN ZEPPOS, Gebed Zonder End 5, 1012 HS Amsterdam

Day 3
~4 April 2015~
Amsterdam City Tour & Day Trip
to Volendam, Marken and Windmills
I booked the tour on
[a separate blog post will follow]Amsterdam_1Day 4
~5 April 2015~  Amsterdam_36Amsterdam_36b Amsterdam_35Afternoon Tea at Café Americain
CAFÉ AMERICAIN, Leidsekade 97, Amsterdam

Amsterdam_34 Amsterdam_33sweet and savoury Amsterdam_32 Amsterdam_31 Amsterdam_30Did you know??
In Amsterdam, there are more bicycles than people *lol*! Amsterdam_29 Amsterdam_28Day 5
~6 April 2015~
Day trip to the famous Keukenhof Garden
I recommend you to buy the ticket online in advance!
You can buy tickets here
[a separate blog post will follow]Amsterdam_2Day 6
~7 April 2015~
Home sweet home
Time to fly back to SwitzerlandAmsterdam_27 Amsterdam_26 Amsterdam_25Souvenirs from Amsterdam~Amsterdam_24


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