Happy Valentine’s Day


Hello Sweethearts,
I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day!
Today I made some cute chocolate with my little Sis ルンルン((´I `*))♪ ♡

Currently watching Mary Stayed Out All Night!HappyValentine2016_49 HappyValentine2016_47Chocolate pen HappyValentine2016_46 HappyValentine2016_45HappyValentine2016_48
white chocolate HappyValentine2016_44milk chocolate HappyValentine2016_43Animal silicone mold
I bought it at the 100 Yen Shop in JapanHappyValentine2016_42 HappyValentine2016_41 HappyValentine2016_40 HappyValentine2016_39it’s so easy and kawaii too! HappyValentine2016_38 HappyValentine2016_37Decoration~ HappyValentine2016_36Chocolate heaven! HappyValentine2016_35 HappyValentine2016_34すき♡ HappyValentine2016_33 HappyValentine2016_32PS. It’s Hana’s birthday today! ^_^HappyValentine2016_1

One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Those chocolate pens are so cool, and the silicon mold looks super cute, I want one! XD And the moustache chocolates are awesome.
    Happy birthday to Hana <3

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