Halloween Vampire Tutorial


Hello pumpkins! (●__●)

Are you ready for a spooky night today?

I would love to celebrate Halloween, but it is actually boring here in Switzerland. The Halloween mood is missing somehow… There are some Halloween parties around my town, but it is not the same like in other countries like America or Japan. People there gets crazy when it comes to Halloween!! I love the freaky stuff that you can buy during Halloween, the decoration and mood in the cities. It is awesome when everyone turns into a zombie, witches or a creepy clown.

Nevertheless, I wanted to dress me up a little bit and thought of sharing some accessorizing ideas with you guys. I remembered that I still had my red circle lenses, which I didn’t try out yet. I put on some make up, grabbed all my accessories, which could suit for Halloween and voila: ready is the vampire look! If I had some fake blood, I would spatter it on my entire face and body! It is still on my wish list – maybe next time for carnival? (▼∀▼)

How do you spend Halloween in your country? Are you going to dress up for Halloween?

Let’s start!Halloween_50Red Circle Lenses (Vassen Dolly Plus Red)
the review is still missing, sorry!
Halloween_49 Halloween_48The lipstick is from beauty UK
(brown sugar 11)Halloween_47a Halloween_47Accessories!!Halloween_51Spike HeadbandHalloween_52Halloween_41Halloween_39 Halloween_51a Halloween_46 Halloween_45 Halloween_44 Halloween_43 Halloween_40various headbands Halloween_38 Halloween_37 Halloween_36Happy Halloween everyone!!Halloween_42Miho the sleeping beauty vampire *muhahah*Halloween_34 Halloween_35

2 responses to “Halloween Vampire Tutorial

  1. Ich LIEBE Halloween!!!! XD
    Leider ist hier in Deutschland auch nicht wirklich viel von Halloween zu sehen, außer ein paar Betrunkene in den Clubs, die sich ein wenig Farbe ins Gesicht geschmiert haben. ^^”
    Ich treffe mich jedes Jahr mit Freunden, wir tragen Kostüme, oder stylen uns zumindest irgendwie creepy und verbringen einen lustigen Abend bei leckerem, gefärbtem, Essen und bunten Saft-cocktails. ^^

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