It’s finally over now…

Good evening everybody!

I just got the pictures of the event from last Saturday. Every year our school organizes a Business Plan Event, where three business concepts were picked out and the best group could win a prize. I still remember the last two events – at that moment I was thinking: in two years it will be our turn to stand on that stage…! (Luckily, our concept was more or less confidential, so we haven’t been qualified for the final. OMG, I would be so nervous to held a presentation in front of all the people o.O) As every year, it was very interesting and exciting to see the business ideas of each group.

With this Business Plan Event my touristic school life definitively ended. During the last years we didn’t only become school mates, no, we grew up to a big family. I will miss school life, especially my lovely friends – even if we won’t meet on Wednesdays or Saturdays anymore, we will keep making happy memories together!

dinner and happy party together!


One response to “It’s finally over now…

  1. Oh wow what an exciting event! I’m glad you guys presented successfully! Did you have to go up and talk too? I’d be so nervous, I’m more of a behind the scenes person XD

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