Chocoholic me~


Hello Dears,

this will be a short but very sweeeeeet post. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ As most of you know, I love sweets in any form; cakes, chocolates, ice cream, pies, gummi bears, cookies, mousse – OMG, the world is full of yummy stuff. When it is possible, I avoid buying lots of sweets, otherwise it would be gone within the next few minutes *lol* (it is so hard for me to resist (〜=ω=)〜) Nevertheless, I couldn’t hold me back to buy and try new chocolate bars and when I look back to September, it was such a chocoholic month! The choco-manufacturers launched some new flavours, so I was curious how they will taste like. Even if most of them were good – Lindt will still be my number 1! (⑅ ‘﹃’ )

What is your favourite chocolate?

Ok… this isn’t from Lindt but one of my favourite chocolate!
The “Lozärner Schoggi”
You can buy it ONLY in Lucerne!luzernerschoggiI got this one from my friend
You can get it only in Bern – the capital city of Switzerland!bernerschoggiThis combination is awesome:
Black choco + strawberries!
I love bitter chocolate =)
The higher the cocoa content, the better the chocolate!lindtschoggiMy favourite one in Autumn!
The limited edition from Lindt: Vermicelles (chestnut flavour)!lindtchestnutHELLO! The new “brand” of Lindt.
Actually I just love their design and slogans *.*lindthelloWith caramelised almonds.
It was a bit too sweet for my taste…caillerHaha, I asked my friend to bring me this chocolate from Germany (Milka), so I can captivate my working collaegue – it’s his favourite chocolate, however you can’t buy it in a normal shop in Switzerland *muhahah*
He would do mostly everthing for this chocolate xDmilkaAnd there are for me ^_^
Milka has a wide selection of chocolate!!!milka2

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