Japanese Charity Bazaar Zug 2013

CharityBazaarZug (8)

Hello Lovelies!

Monday is already over and I just finished editing my captured memories of the Charity Bazaar in Zug. Also this time, I was there with my Mum to help in the kitchen. I was supposed to work from 1 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. but my Sis and my friends were coming too, so at about 2.30 p.m. I just wanted to make a “short” break to talk to them…………. and when I went back to the kitchen it was around 5 o’clock *lol*. We were just fooling around – I totally forgot the time. Anyway, it was fun ^w^

The variety of the food stands at the bazaar was bigger than the last time. Beside Sushi, Inari, Takoyaki, Wagashi and Hiro Takahashi’s bread you could additionally buy Nikuman, Kimchi, Gyōza, and Taiyaki. It also had a little swimming pool, filled with Mizu-yo-yo (small balloon filled with a bit of water, which is used as a yo-yo). It is always an unique event and I can’t wait to go there again next year! ♪~ヾ(´∀`○)

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CharityBazaarZug (9)CharityBazaarZug (10)CharityBazaarZug (11)Books 📚 本CharityBazaarZug (12)Mizuyooyoo ♪ 水ヨーヨーCharityBazaarZug (13)Takoyaki 🐙 たこ焼き CharityBazaarZug (14)Nikuman ★ 肉まんCharityBazaarZug (15)Sushi♡寿司CharityBazaarZug (16)Taiyaki & Wagashi
たい焼きと和菓子CharityBazaarZug (17) CharityBazaarZug (18)Deliiiicious cakes from Hiro Takahashi ♥ 大好き~CharityBazaarZug (1)CharityBazaarZug (2)CharityBazaarZug (3)   and following pictures are made by “the sexy Michi”
(yeah, he wished sexy infront of his name *g*)

Lovely Sis with Takoyaki~CharityBazaarZug (4)two freaks *lol*CharityBazaarZug (5)the setting of this cam is so funny *w*
the giant vs. two dwarfsCharityBazaarZug (6)CharityBazaarZug (7)ThesexyMichi


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