Kyoto Travel Sightseeing around Higashiyama District | Kiyomizu – incl. Kimono Rental

My Japan travel diary is coming to an end (I still have plenty of old pictures to post though)! My final stay and blog post is about Kyoto and my day trip to the Higashiyama district area, which is probably most famous for the Kiyomizudera temple. As you guys know, I have been to the Starbucks and the K36 rooftop bar and rented a Kimono at the Rikawafuku (details below). I enjoyed wearing the Kimono at that point in particular, because there were almost zero tourists who asked me ‘can I take a picture with you?’. I really hoped that I could enjoy Kyoto with less people than usual, but I totally forgot the Golden Week (a week from 29 April to early May containing multiple Japanese holidays), so there were more people around the Higashiyama area than expected. In addition, many people planned to visit Kyoto because for the first time in three years (!), there were no declarations of emergency or similar orders in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Still, it was nice to be back in Kyoto after a while and a unique experience without tourists. I cannot believe that almost half a year has passed! Japan – I will be back soon :D

Kimono Rental Rikawafuku
梨花和服 清水寺店
3 Chome-327-6 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama Ward
605-0862 Kyoto, Japan
Price from 4,000Yen (I paid 10’000 Yen incl. hairstyling and extras)
Open from 09:00 – 18:00 (last rental time 15:30 / bring back Kimono until 17:30)

Things to do around Higashiyama District (incl. personal bucket list)

– Kizomiyzudera (Temple)
– Kodaiji (Temple)
– Yasaka Pagoda (Hokan-ji Temple)
– Maruyama Park
– Ryōzen Kannon (Sculpture)

Starbucks Coffee – Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya
– Kumonocha (cute cloud-shaped Matcha sweets)
K36 Rooftop & Bar (best view of the Yasaka Pagoda!)
– Ghibli Store


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