Dominican Republic | Punta Cana: Pool & Food

Here comes part 2 of my exotic holidays. I didn’t show you the awesome pools and delicious food yet, which we had at the Sunscape Resort! If you need any general travel information about Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic, just check out my last blog post. The food and variety of restaurants at the resort was great (from Asian, Italian to French). We could switch between buffet and ร  la carte – everything was yummy! I really enjoyed the breakfast buffet with lots of choice (bread, salad, yoghurt, meat, sweets, fresh fruits and juices). Ah, I miss it so much!

Breakfast buffet Bread in all variety Salad Yoghurt and fruits yum!Donuts, arg! I miss this!!!Off to the pool! Mojito โ™ก Daydreaming Cheers~ Lunch Time And dinner The Teppanyaki Show was great!
As you can see, the chef gave me “just a bit” of everything =P
(he was just joking)My first time trying snails! It was yummy! Salmon Cream puff as a dessertMore dessert~!


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