Favourite Beauty Products from Japan

Beauty products are endless and every girl’s best friend, right? In this topic I will show you some of my favourite beauty products from Japan. You will find my top 3 items for lip, face and body below. There are so many different beauty products available and it is honestly not that easy to resist, since most of the Japanese products are super super cute and you will always find Hello Kitty, Pikachu, Sailor Moon & Co. on a cream or skin powder (or even on food, drinks or other daily products like washing powder, toothpaste etc !!). I did not include the Pokémon make-up palette from ITS’DEMO, since I already wrote a separate blog post about it, but it’s definitely one of my personal favourite! Do you have a favourite beauty product from Japan?

Lip & Cheek Gel by CANMAKE

Let’s start with the lips! I love beauty items from Canmake and I have quite a lot of products in my make-up pouch. It’s similar to the brand Essence (a cheap brand, which is well-known in Europe, but the quality is all ok)! Everything started with a sample, which I got in Tokyo and since then, I am using this gel regularly. It can be used for lip and cheek (I personally use it just for my lips, because the colour is quite intense). There are different colours available.

Perfume by Fiancée & Ohana Mahaalo

Next is perfume! I found this unicorn perfume from OHANA MAHAALO at 109 in Shibuya, Japan and guess what – I first bought it just because of the package lol. Luckily, it smells great. Another favourite is the perfume from Fianceé (Pure Shampoo Scent), which smells literally like shampoo (or fresh laundry)! The smell does not last long and it is not my everyday perfume, but I love them both and I always buy a new one when I am back in Japan.

Christmas EditionSkincare Powder

Last but not least – skincare powder! I only have foundation powder from Japan, my most favourite one is the one from Ettusais (24 hour radiant skin – Skincare Powder), since there are a lot of make-up free days lately, I use it every day. The best thing is that you can leave it like 24 hours on your skin, yep no need to remove it. Before I “met” this Skincare Powder, I used the Yuagari Suppin Powder, which has the same effect and is also great for non-make-up days. The Suppin Powder is very white, so I personally prefer the powder from Ettusais. Both are just simple “skincare” powders and don’t cover as good as ordinary foundation powder. Therefore, I still have my CANMAKE foundation powder, which is my loyal companion.

Skincare Powder by EttusaisYuagari Suppin Powder Foundation Powder by CANMAKE Just a little preview of other Japanese products
…it’s difficult not to buy all these stuff
(especially with all the cute characters on it!!!)Sailor Moon, PokémonDisneyThey have everything!


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