Winter in Japan: Tokyo

Hello my friends!

I have been very productive the last few weeks and I prepared a lot of blog posts and videos! I am super excited and can’t wait to share my travel diary about Japan with you guys. May you remember that I have been to Japan during December 2017 and January 2018. It was my very first time that I visited the country in winter (and my last one, haha). It was my absolute dream to spend Christmas and New Year in the Japanese way together with my mum and sister. We managed to find a babysitter for Hana and we finally could take some weeks off to fulfil my dream. In the upcoming posts, I will give you a glimpse of how Japanese people celebrate Christmas and New Year together (well at least the way we did). First let’s start with the arrival and our first days in Tokyo. My mum has already arrived earlier and was waiting for us at granny’s home. My sister and I wanted to spend some days in Tokyo before heading to my mother’s hometown (ok… to be honest, it was only me, who wanted to stay in Tokyo – my sister doesn’t like this busy city so much). I probably doesn’t have to say much about what we did in Tokyo… see for yourself :)

Always have my passport and shopping cards ready!Direct flight to Tokyo with SWISS Airline My little friend is always join me Let’s take a sisi selfie~ A side story of Frozen! Loved it so much!! Flight meal and red wine for a better sleep Don’t forget to fill in the disembarkation card
and customs declaration. You will get it from a board staff.
I always buy a SIM card in advance
SIM Air is quite good!
You can find SIM cards at the tourist information center, airport
or at electronic shops like Big Camera etc.winter-in-japan-tokyo-simHello Narita!If you don’t have a JR Railpass or something similar, I
recommend you to get an IC card. IC cards are rechargeable
cards that can be used to conveniently pay fares
on public transportation.
The basic fee for the card is 500 yen (refundable deposit)
+ the amount of money you need for travelling My very favourite Hotel in Japan:
Hotel Mystays Gotanda Station
Super convenient and reasonable

The very first thing I do when I arrive in Japan: Hair cut!!
I cut my hair once a year when I am in Japan, since I am
very unhappy with the hairdresser’s in Switzerland.
My favourite is the Prize in Harajuku
prize 表参道/原宿店【プライズ】

Super friendly staff and they cut my hair picture-perfect

At the game center Purikura are famous photo booth machines in Japan!
Try it out!One Piece Converse, argIt’s Demo has always cute collaborations! I bought a make-up palette here This vending machine is located just next to Shibuya station
Isn’t it cute?!Famous Hachiko StatueLet’s go shopping at 109 in Shibuya,
truly a girl’s paradise!
There is a separate 109 just for men! There is a café inside 109 (on the top floor)!
I love to have breakfast here.They have special events from time to time Trying on Liz Lisa~ There is a corner with Purikura photo machines And here’s the 109 for men
(with Star Wars special during Dec 2017)


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